Bathroom Remodel

No Bathroom Remodel is Too Big or Too Small for Us

Like your bedroom, your bathroom is your sanctuary. Whether you’re taking a fresh shower, relaxing in a bath tub or simply checking yourself out in the mirror, you should feel comfortable and confident in the space. Your bathroom should be well lit, functional, and stunning. Unlike your bedroom, for homeowners with one bathroom, your guests will eventually need to use your bathroom. Why not have one that stands out and shows off your eye for design! At National Builders, we have plenty of bathroom designs that will suit any space and style.

Three Reasons for Bathroom Renovation

Space: Sometimes a bathroom can be expanded by simply utilizing the space correctly. You should have space to move around and get ready in without feeling like you’re in a closet. At National Builders, we examine your space to see how we can enhance it with the best results. Whether you need more space to install a bathtub, a bigger shower, or more, we can figure out what’s possible.

Update: Trends come and go. What looked good in the 70s doesn’t look good in the 80s, 90s, and onwards. A bathroom remodel can be just what you need to update your home with just one room. Whether you’re tired of the texture of your tiles, you just don’t like your colors anymore, or you want to change the entire theme from Modern White to Mediterranean, we’re the perfect contractors to help!

Repairs: Between pipes, bath tubs, sinks, and toilets, water damage is bound to happen. Water leaks are usually the biggest offender, creating unsightly floors and mold in the shower. We have the experience to handle water damage and other types of damages.

Quality workmanship shines through on our bathroom remodeling. Our craftsmen can renovate your entire bathroom to bring it up to date; or freshen it up with a minor remodel. We coordinate experienced licensed plumbers and electricians to build the comfort and elegance you desire.